winter cat care talks

These free information sessions will provide up-to-date, practical advice delivered by experts. There are a range of topics to chose from including What’s normal and what’s not in feline health and Cat nutrition plus plenty more. So book your space today!

what you can do

As a charity, Cat Protection depends on community support to do our work. Our costs include professional care and advisory staff; veterinary expenses including health checks, desexing¬†and any necessary treatments or surgery; vaccinations […]

feline desexing

If you need help with discount desexing call our office on 02 9519 7201, Mon-Fri 9am-4pm.

Did you know that cat desexing reduces the risk of fighting, abscesses and disease, as well as many cancers? Desexing before 4 months prevents the development of unwanted behaviours like spraying and wandering. For their sake make sure you cat or kitten is desexed.SaveSave