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Name:Harley & Alfred ❤️ ADOPTED
Sex:Female; Male
Colour:Dark Tortoiseshell & Ginger and White
Age:3.5 years
Home:Alfred and Harley require an indoor-only forever home as their skin is particularly susceptible to the sun and the cold.

Soft as the fuzz of a peach and just as sweet, get ready to be swept off your feet by these bare beauties! Alfred and Harley are bonded besties looking for forever home together where they can be given the royal treatment they deserve. You might have heard that due to their lack of fur Sphynxes are a hypoallergenic breed, but this is not entirely true, in fact having no fur to absorb secretions from their skin, means Sphynxes can cause a greater allergic reaction for sensitive cat lovers. Having little fur to protect them also means Sphynx cats have extremely sensitive skin and will need weekly pampering sessions; including bathing and a rub down with a gentle skin cream, to keep them looking and feeling fabulous. Even though they might be more high maintenance than other kitties, sharing your life with this dynamic duo will be endlessly entertaining. Playtime and plenty of it, is high on the agenda with this terrific twosome, they are especially fond of string toys and their fun-loving leaping around is sure to provide plenty of chuckles. This pawesome pair can usually be found all snuggled up together in a bundle of blankets but they also crave human company and want to share their life with someone who is around most of the time, so you’re close by to provide a lap or some cuddles when needed. With each other for snuggles, comfort and playtime, these two aren’t interested in sharing their home with any other cats, they want to be the only felines in your life please. These two sweet snuggle bugs might be lacking in fur but they’re overflowing with love and ready to nestle up right next to you ❤️

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