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Name: Amritsar
Sex: Female
Colour: Grey Tabby and White
Age: 11 months
Breed: DSH
Home: Once well and truly settled Crunchie and Amritsar may enjoy some supervised outside adventures, but should always come inside at night for kitty cuddles.

Crunchie and Amritsar are two sweet sisters who absolutely adore each other! You will find their affection for one another heartwarming; they are inseparable and love nothing more than spending their days together playing, cuddling and napping. They also enjoy the company of other felines. Due to their gentle dispositions, Crunchie and Amritsar will need to be given plenty of time to settle into their new home before setting paws outside. Crunchie and Amritsar are cautious kitties who will need time to warm up to new people and their new home. With love and patience this precious pair will soon show you their playful and affectionate side.

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