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Name: Austin
Sex: Male
Colour: White and Champagne
Age: 5 months (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Austin is looking for indoor only forever home to protect his pale features and pink nose from the harsh sun.

Adorable Austin gets an A+ for his affectionate nature and athletic antics! This little white and champagne cutie is a furry bundle of fun who just loves to play! Austin is ever so enthusiastic about playtime and will need a steady supply of toys to keep him entertained but you’re bound to get a kick out of watching his excited zoomies and fun-fueled leaping about. Once he is all tuckered out after playing Austin will be ready to share his snuggly side and curl up for some cuddles with you. Austin has previous experience around kids and other cats so he might enjoy sharing his forever home with some little two or four-legged playmates. This cheerful guy will be your little ray of sunshine, brightening every day with his loving purrsonality. Austin is an all-round awesome kitty!

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