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Name: Barnie
Sex: Male
Colour: Ginger
Age: 2 years (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Barnie’s ideal forever home will be indoors only as he has never set paws outdoors and his shy temperament means he spooks easily.

Barnie has a heart of gold! This gentle guy may not be the bravest cat and will need a little while to settle into his new home but his curious nature and fondness for food will soon see him exploring in search of snacks and before you know it he will be lounging around next to you on the couch. Barnie is best suited to a quiet forever home with low levels of activity where he can take his time adjusting to his new surroundings, as his confidence grows you will discover his affectionate side and then there will be plenty of purrs. This sensitive soul prefers the company of humans to cats and wants to be the only feline in your life but that’s okay Barnie can’t wait to be your very best friend.

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