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Name: Beans ❤ ADOPTED
Sex: Female
Colour: Calico
Age: 8 months (est)
Breed: DMH
Home: Beans would benefit from an indoor only forever home where she can feel safe and secure, as her shy temperament means she gets spooked easily and her pretty pale features need protecting from the sun.

Beans is as cute as a button! With her lovely fluffy coat and sweet little ear tufts, Beans is sure to sweep you off your feet. This playful girl can be a bit shy around strangers and will need some time to feel comfortable in her new surroundings. Once settled her loving purr-sonality will shine through and you will discover she is a bit of a chatterbox who enjoys deep and meaningful conversations with many meows. This calico cutie will need regular grooming to keep her coat looking fabulous, but she loves being brushed and will happily purr away when she’s being pampered. Beans will brighten your days!

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