cats for adoption

Name: Beasley
Sex: Male
Colour: Grey Tabby and White
Age: 4 years (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Beasley would benefit from an indoor only forever home to ensure that he receives his medication and keeps to his special diet.

Beasley will brighten your day! This terrific tabby is looking for a home without any other feline friends, Beasley wants to be the centre attention and his rambunctious nature means he may be a little too excitable for young children or the elderly. Even though he is a confident cat with a curious nature, he will take a little while to adjust to his new environment and would love to have a patient person who can help him through this process and monitor his special diet and medication. Once Beasley is feeling bolder the purrs will begin and you will soon discover his playful side. He will need lots of stimulation and space to run around and burn off his endless energy but his lively leaping around is bound to bring a smile to your face.

The Travel Authority Group provides sponsorship for Beasley's apartment. For more information, visit

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