cats for adoption

Name:Tilly & Billy ❤️ ADOPTED
Sex:Female; Male
Colour:Black and White & Tabby and White
Age:7 months (est)
Home:Billy and Tilly are best suited to an indoor-only forever home to protect their pale features.

Plenty to love with this pawesome pair! Billy and Tilly are besties who share a special bond and can’t imagine life without each other. Billy is the more curious of the two while Tilly is content to follow Billy’s lead and won’t stray far from his side, both kitties have sweet gentle natures and their devotion to each other is guaranteed to melt your heart. These pink-nosed cuties are looking for a quiet forever home where they are never far from each other and can enjoy snuggling up together after a busy day of playtime. This delightful duo may take a moment or two to settle in their new surroundings as they can be a shy at the start, but it won’t be long before they are bouncing around together. These two have a predilection for playtime and their ideal home will have tons of toys to keep them on their toes. You will be endlessly amused by their antics and once they are feeling settled you will get to know their affectionate natures. Get ready for twice the cuddles and double the love!

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