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Name: Blib & Blorp
Sex: Male
Colour: Ginger & Black and White
Age: 8 months (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Blib and Blorp’s ideal forever home will be indoors only to protect their pale features from the sun.

Blib and Blorp are just waiting to pass their A-levels and will be available for adoption very soon. ❤
Good things come in pairs! Blib and Blorp are a bonded pair of brothers looking for a forever home where they can spend their days hanging out and playing together. They both have gentle and affectionate natures and will steal your heart with their fondness for each other. A little on the shy side Blib and Blorp may take a moment to adjust to their new surroundings but as long as they have each other and a comfy place to curl up they will be most content. Once settled you’ll find this dynamic duo are all about playtime and zoomies, they love tearing around the place chasing after each other. With these cuties in your life, you’d better be ready for twice the cuddles and double the love! What’s better than one cat? A charming couple of cats who can’t wait to cuddle up together on your couch.

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