cats for adoption

Name: Boo ❤ ADOPTED
Sex: Male
Colour: Ginger and White
Age: 8 months (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Boo will need an indoor-only forever home to protect his pale features and sensitive skin.

No need to be afraid, Boo is a big softie! This sweet boy is super affectionate and doesn’t let anything get in the way of a good cuddle, his smoochy side is sure to have you smitten in no time. A confident and chatty kitty, Boo likes to speak his mind and will happily tell you all about his day with many meows. He is also fond of sharing his opinion on tasty treats and his love of them, Boo is a big fan of snacks. You’ll have a frightfully great time with Boo, his playful antics are bound to amuse and his soulful snuggles are out of this world. This glorious ginger guy is sure to haunt your heart!

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