cats for adoption

Name: Brighton
Sex: Male
Colour: White and Tabby
Age: 5 years (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Brighton and Mercury enjoyed having access to a cat enclosure in their previous home and may like to have enclosed outdoor access in their new home as well. Otherwise they are best suited to an indoor only forever home to protect their pale pink noses.

You’ll be over the moon with this terrific twosome! Mercury and Brighton are sweet siblings who share a special bond and are looking for a forever home together. This delightful duo are big softies at heart and while it may take a moment or two for them to settle, it won’t be long before the purring takes over and you’ll be making space for them next to you. Brighton is on a mission to conquer your lap and is the more adventurous of the two while Mercury will be content to curl up close by. This pawsome pair can’t wait to be the centre of your universe!

Stay safe and healthy! I will be available to meet you when the human health situation improves. Love from Brighton

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