cats for adoption

Name: Cara
Sex: Female
Colour: Dark Tortoiseshell
Age: 1 year (est)
Breed: DMH
Home: Cara would benefit from an indoor only forever home due to her shy temperament.

Charming Cara is cute as a button! This sweet soul has a quiet and gentle nature and is looking for a home to call her own, where she can take her time settling in and enjoy exploring at her own pace. Cara is on the shy side so she will need a little while to get to know you and adjust to her new surroundings. With love and patience Cara is sure to flourish and once she is feeling more secure, you’ll get to see her affectionate side, Cara is a fan of pats and give her some scratches under the chin and she’ll be your new best friend. Could Cara be the kitty you’ve been waiting for?

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