cats for adoption

Name: Carraway
Sex: Male
Colour: Black
Age: 9 months (est)
Breed: DMH
Home: Carraway is best suited to an indoor-only forever due to his timid temperament.

Could Carraway be the kitty you’ve been waiting for? Cute Carraway is a gentle guy who will need a little time to adjust to his new home, he is cautious by nature, but you’ll soon discover he is a purr machine at heart. Once Carraway is feeling more confident there will be plenty of playtime and cuddles and this fabulous fluffy feline will have you wrapped around his paw in no time at all. Looking for a relaxed lifestyle Carraway is hoping for a quiet forever home with low levels of activity, so he can explore at his own pace and take his time getting to know you before curling up somewhere close by. Carraway is certain to carve a special place in your heart with his loving purr-sonality!

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