cats for adoption

Name: Cecilia ❤ ADOPTED
Sex: Female
Colour: Calico
Age: 1 year (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Cecilia is best suited to an indoor only forever home to protect her pretty pink nose from the sun.

Charming Cecilia is a divine feline, a couple of cuddles with Cecilia and your mood is bound to improve! This lovely lady is searching for a forever home where she will be lavished with love and attention. With her friendly and affectionate nature Cecilia is sure to impress, she simply can’t wait to find someone who shares her passion for pats. This calico cutie is a very confident and curious kitty and she’s excited to explore her new home from top to bottom in search of the softest spot for catnaps and the best vantage point for keeping an eye on the snack shelf. Cecilia will make sure you always get your fill of love and cuddles.

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