cats for adoption

Colour:Ginger and White
Age:1.5 years (est)
Home: Cherry has feline asthma and is looking for an indoor forever home where her health can be monitored plus her pretty pale features make her especially sensitive to the sun.

Charming Cherry deserves to be pampered and lavished with love. This wonderful ginger and white kitty is bound to melt your heart and tempt you with her delightful and curious nature. Cherry is a big champion of cuddles and a true snuggle bug at heart, her constant supply of purrs will keep you feeling cherished. This sweet soul is seeking someone who shares her fondness for snuggles and doesn’t mind giving up the comfiest spot on the couch so Cherry can enjoy her catnaps uninterrupted and luxuriate in peace and quiet. It won’t be long before Cherry is ruling your heart and your home!

Cherry is just waiting to pass her A-levels and will be available for adoption very soon. ❤️

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