cats for adoption

Name: Chloe
Sex: Female
Colour: Black and White
Age: 10 years (est)
Breed: DMH
Home: Due to her age Chloe would benefit from an indoor only forever home.

Charming Chloe can’t wait to meet you! This majestic feline is a super smooch who has a craving for cuddles and will purr nonstop to make sure the pats keep coming. Chloe is happy to provide unconditional love and emotional support plus her shoulders are good to cry on, she is a master in the art of affection and bound to lift your spirits with her gentle nature. This sweet girl is looking for a relaxed indoor only forever home with low levels of activity where she can enjoy some serenity and take undisturbed cat naps at her leisure. If it’s cuddles you’re after, then Chloe is most certainly the cat for you!

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