cats for adoption

Age:1.5 years (est)
Home:Cinnamon is searching for an indoor-only forever home to protect his pale features from the sun.

You’ll be impressed by this champion cuddler, Cinnamon is set to sweeten up your life! This affectionate kitty is the ultimate purring machine, crazy about chin scratches Cinnamon will roll around at your feet asking for more belly rubs. With his curious streak, Cinnamon is excited to explore every inch of his new home in his search for fun. This ginger cutie loves to play and especially enjoys chasing around after toys, so you’ll need a stack of them to keep him on his toes plus his fun-loving antics are bound to make you chuckle. Cinnamon is all about a good brush and relishes regular pampering to keep his soft coat feeling and looking lovely! You’ll always be cheerful with Cinnamon by your side!

Cinnamon is just waiting to pass his A-levels and will be available for adoption very soon. ❤️

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