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Name: Daffodil
Sex: Female
Colour: White and Grey Tortoiseshell
Age: 1 year (est)
Breed: DMH/Persian
Home: Daffodil is looking for an indoor only forever home to protect her pale features from the sun and to help with her allergies.

If you believe Daffodil could be the cat for you, please call us on 9519 7201 to find out more.

Darling Daffodil is a not just your garden variety kitty, she is a delightful feline who will make a dedicated best friend. This lovely lady is a gentle soul and likes nothing better than snuggling up next to you, a super smooch at heart she will treat you to a steady supply of purrs and cuddles. Daffodil does have some ongoing health issues related to her breed, but these can be easily managed with a stress-free environment and daily pampering and brushing sessions to keep her looking and feeling fabulous. This sweet kitty needs a calm forever home with low levels of activity and no other furry friends so she can be the centre of attention. Daffodil craves companionship so she wants to share her life with someone who is around for most of the time, so you’re close by to provide a lap or some pats and in return you’ll be rewarded with her love and devotion. You’re sure to have a blooming good time with Daffodil in your life!

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