cats for adoption

Name: Juno & Darcy
Sex: Female; Male
Colour: Silver Tabby and White
Age: 6 months (est)
Breed: DMH & DSH
Home: Juno and Darcy are best suited to an indoor only forever home without any young children as their shy temperaments mean they can get easily spooked.

Juno and Darcy are just waiting to pass their A-levels and will be available for adoption very soon.

Juno and Darcy are sweet siblings who absolutely adore each other! You will find their affection for one another heartwarming; they are inseparable and love nothing more than spending their days together playing, napping and then playing some more. Juno and Darcy are cautious kitties who will need time to warm up to new people and their new home but with love and patience this precious pair will soon show you their playful natures. They are very active and will need lots of toys to keep them on their toes but their fun-loving antics are sure to keep you entertained. What’s better than one cat? A charming couple of cats who share a special bond!

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