cats for adoption

Name: Fanta
Sex: Female
Colour: Grey Tortoiseshell and White
Age: 5 months (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Fanta is best suited to an indoor only forever home due to her shy nature and to protect her pretty pale features.

Fabulous Fanta is in favour of cuddles and lots of them! This gentle girl can’t wait to explore her new forever home and find all the cupboards with the tastiest treats and all the best spots for stretching out. Fanta can be a little shy and might take a moment to warm to you but she can be persuaded with a cheek rub or two and once settled you’ll get to know her affectionate side. To match her quiet purr-sonality Fanta would prefer a relaxed forever home with low levels of activity, where she can settle in at her own pace. Fanta will make your heart fizz!

Stay safe and healthy! I will be available to meet you when the human health situation improves. Love from Fanta

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