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Name: Gareth
Sex: Male
Colour: Grey Tabby
Age: 7 months (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Gareth has feline asthma so he is looking for an indoor only forever home where his health can be monitored.

Gareth is great guy with a sweet and smoochy purr-sonality! This gorgeous grey tabby is a friendly and confident cat who is sure to steal your heart and win you over with his playful nature. He absolutely adores cheek rubs and is looking for a forever home with plenty of toys to keep him amused, you are bound to be entertained by his comic capers for hours. This good-natured kitty wants all your attention for himself and would like to be the only cat in the household. He will work like a charm to lift your spirits and make you smile after a hard day, greeting you when you get home with plenty of purrs. It will be your good fortune to have lovable Gareth around.

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