cats for adoption

Age:1.5 years (est)
Home:Gianni is searching for an indoor-only forever home as he has never set paws outdoors.

Gianni is a little adventurer on a crusade for cuddles and he has his sights set on conquering your heart. This friendly feline has a very affectionate and sweet purr-sonality and is sure to impress with his super smoochy ways, Gianni is excited to find someone who is just as passionate about snuggles as he is. Once this gentle boy gets to know you, there will be plenty of purrs and cute chirrups as you discover his chatty side. This cuddly cutie is looking forward to exploring every inch of his new home and finding all best window perches for people watching and the sunniest spots for catnapping. Get ready to be besotted, if it’s cuddles you are after, Gianni is the cat for you!

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