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Name: Gillian
Sex: Female
Colour: Grey Tabby and White
Age: 2 years (est)
Breed: DMH
Home: Once settled Gillian may enjoy some supervised outdoor access during the day but always inside at night for cuddles.

Gorgeous Gillian is a very sweet soul! This green-eyed girl is sure to win you over with her gentle nature and pleasing purr. She is very easy to please, all Gillian asks for is a couple of cosy places to curl up, some tasty treats and your tender loving care. This kind-hearted kitty is looking for a relaxed home where she can daydream her days away and enjoy catnaps in peace and quiet. While she can be a little shy around strangers, it won’t be long before she is lounging around and sharing your couch, Gillian will make a devoted companion for any cat-lover.

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