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Name: Gin Gin
Sex: Female
Colour: Dark Tortoiseshell
Age: 10 years
Breed: DSH
Home: Gin Gin is best suited to an indoor only forever home so that her special diet and medication can be monitored but she would enjoy having access to an enclosed courtyard to luxuriate in sunny spots for her lengthy cat naps.

Gorgeous Gin Gin is ready to be your leading lady! An affectionate and independent cat, Gin Gin loves climbing up on shoulders and getting in close for plenty of pats. This friendly feline loves to express her feelings with her marvellous meow and will happily chatter away on any topic you choose. The conversation won’t be all one sided though as Gin Gin is willing to hear all about your day too. This terrific tortie wants your undivided attention, she loves the company of people rather than cats so Gin Gin wants to be the only feline in your life plus she would prefer to share her home with someone is around for most of the time to stop her getting lonely. With Gin Gin around you're guaranteed to have a great time!

If you would like to visit Gin Gin at Divine Creatures please give their friendly staff a call beforehand on 9958 3363 to make an appointment during the following hours: weekdays between 10am-4pm or on weekends between 10am-2pm.

Or if you have any questions regarding Gin Gin’s diet or health needs you can call our Adoption Centre on 9557 4818.

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