cats for adoption

Name: Hephaestus
Sex: Male
Colour: Grey and White
Age: 11 months (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Dionysus and Hephaestus need a forever home together, once settled they may enjoy some supervised outdoor access during the day but always safely inside at night.

Mighty Dionysus and Hephaestus are super sweet siblings searching for a peaceful forever realm where they can watch the world go by! Hephaestus is the more confident and curious of the two and he can’t wait to explore every corner of his new home looking for the sunniest spot to warm himself. Dionysus is more of a gentle soul and is hoping to claim your couch as his throne, the good times will be plentiful with this sweet soul sharing your life. Dionysus and Hephaestus share a special bond and never stray far from each other’s sides, they may take a moment to adjust to their new surroundings but once they are feeling settled you will get to know their affectionate natures, both boys worship pats and cheek rubs. Adopting this purr-fect pair will make you feel blessed and with these divine felines around you will be in for double the love!

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