cats for adoption

Name:Ivan ❤️ ADOPTED
Colour:Black & White
Age:4.5 months (est)
Home:With his three paws, Ivan is best suited to an indoor only forever home for his own safety.

Ivan isn’t terrible in fact quite the opposite! Ivan the Incredible is very affectionate and always up for a cuddle. This black and white cutie has loads and loads of love to give and will quickly become the prince of pats in his new home. Long may he reign supreme over his comfy couch domain! Although he only has three legs that won’t slow down Ivan’s fun-loving ways and once he is feeling settled you’re sure to be impressed by his playful antics! This cuddly kitty is looking for a calm and relaxed atmosphere in his new kingdom where he will be honoured like the royalty he is and treated to plenty of pats, stacks of toys, regular playtime and tasty snacks fit for a king. Let Ivan rule your heart and you’ll be infinitely inspired ❤️

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