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Name:Jewel ❤️ ADOPTED
Age:3 years (est)
Home:Jewel is looking for a peaceful indoor-only forever home as her timid nature means she can get spooked easily.

Gentle Jewel is a little treasure! This fluffy feline is looking for a quiet home without too much activity, where she can take her time settling in and growing in confidence. A sweet soul with a sensitive nature, Jewel may take a moment to adjust to her new surroundings as she can be shy around strangers but before long, she will be lounging around and looking for the comfiest spot for catnaps. Your love and patience as she settles in are bound to be appreciated and seeing her relaxed and content will be a rich reward indeed. Once this lovely kitty feels safe and secure, she will show off her playing and scratching skills, Jewel is very fond of little mice toys and cardboard scratchers and can easily be won over with some tasty treats. This little gem of a cat will put a sparkle in your eye and smile on your face!

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