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Name:Karen ❤️ ADOPTED
Colour:White and Grey
Age:1 year (est)
Home:Karen is looking for an indoor-only forever home to protect her pretty pale features and sensitive skin.

Charming Karen isn’t really too demanding, all she asks for is some TLC, your company and a cosy bed for catnapping. This chatty kitty likes to have her say and might request extra treats but as the manager of her mealtimes you’ll be able resolve any dinnertime discrepancies quickly with an extra helping of cuddles. An affectionate and friendly feline, Karen just loves being the centre of attention and wants to be the only cat in your life, but she has loads of love to share and she’ll make sure you’re never short on purrs. Karen enjoys nothing more than curling up in a comfy, cosy bed and will happily daydream the day away occasionally stretching out for a chin scratch or two. You’ll feel very privileged to have this lovable lady snuggled up next to you.

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