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Name: Korra ❤ ADOPTED
Sex: Female
Colour: Dark Tortoiseshell
Age: 5 months (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Once fully settled Korra may enjoy out supervised outside access during the day but always safely inside at night for snuggles.

At Korra’s core is her love of cuddles! Just a small kitty in a big world trying to find someone to love, this gentle girl won’t waste any time showing off her smoochy side so be prepared to get showered with love and purrs. This terrific little tortie loves making friends and her winning purr-sonality means she’ll delight everyone, even self-confessed ‘dog’ people will be her fans. Korra has experience around kids and is fond of playtime so she might like the company of some little two-legged playmates in her forever home to keep her amused. Korra can’t wait to be your number one!

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