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Name: Lumi
Sex: Male
Colour: Champagne and White
Age: 4 years (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Lumi’s ideal forever home will be indoors-only to protect his pale features from the sun and to monitor his medication.

Let Lumi light up your life! An all-round lovely guy, Lumi is a real smoocheroo and you will soon discover he is very partial to pats and plenty of them. Lumi always has lots to say, this charming champagne and white kitty is quite the chatterbox and keen on discussing all the latest news in cat affairs. Lumi is looking forward to taking it easy and lounging around in his new home but most of all he can’t wait to be your loyal best friend. This sweet soul wants to be the centre of attention and have you all to himself, no other feline friends please. Lumi won’t let you down, he has lots and lots of love to give.

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