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Name: Marley ❤ ADOPTED
Sex: Male
Colour: Black and White
Age: 12 years (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Marley’s ideal forever home will be indoors only as he has never set paws outdoors previously.

Majestic Marley is looking for a forever kingdom to call his own! This regal feline has a gentle nature and a passion for pats. Marley can be a bit shy to begin with and will need some time to settle into his new home but once his confidence grows there will be plenty of cuddles to go round and before you know it he’ll be claiming your couch as his throne. This distinguished gentleman is looking for a calm home with low levels of activity, where he can take his time exploring, finding the comfiest spots for cat naps and the windows with the best view. This terrific tuxie is sure to steal your heart and as his faithful subjects you will be rewarded with his pleasing purrs and devoted companionship, you’re in for a great time with Marley in your life.

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