cats for adoption

Name: May Blossom
Sex: Female
Colour: Tabby, Tortoiseshell and White
Age: 1 year (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Once settled May Blossom could enjoy some limited outdoor access but always safely inside at night for cuddles with you.

Beautiful May Blossom is looking for a forever home where she can flourish. This sweet tabby girl is a tad timid to begin with and will need some time to settle in her new surroundings. Once she is feeling more confident her soft head bumps are sure to melt your heart and then her affectionate side will be in full bloom. This gentle girl is not very fond of dogs and looking for a forever home without any canine companions. May Blossom will bring a whole bunch of love into your life, so get ready for stacks of snuggles.

Stay safe and healthy! I will be available to meet you when the human health situation improves. Love from May Blossom

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