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Name: Maybelle
Sex: Female
Colour: Black
Age: 9 months (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Maybelle is looking for an indoor only forever home as her sensitive nature means she spooks easily.

Maybe she’s born to be your kitty! Maybe she’s Maybelle! This gentle girl is looking for a peaceful forever home where she can explore at her own pace and take her time settling in. Once she is feeling more relaxed Maybelle will be happy to share some cuddles on the couch and her affectionate side will continue to grow as she gets to know you. With her shy purr-sonality Maybelle is most content curled up in a comfy cat bed where she can keep an eye on her surroundings and stretch out for the occasional scratch behind the ears. This delightful girl has previously shared her home with other feline friends, and she may enjoy having a kitty companion of a similar temperament in her new home as well. A super sweet kitty with lots of love to give, Maybelle will have you under her spell in no time at all!

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