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Name:Mildred ❤️ ADOPTED
Age:7 months (est)
Home:Due to her pretty pale features and hearing impairment, Mildred is looking for an indoor-only forever home.

Mildred and her piercing blue eyes will make your heart melt! This chirpy cutie has a sweet and gentle nature and you’re sure to find her smoochy side enchanting. Mildred is looking for a cat-lover to call her own and pamper her with plenty of pats. This wonderful white kitty enjoys expressing herself and chatting away with lovely chirrups, so you’ll get to enjoy hearing all about her daily escapades. Mildred may take a moment to feel brave in her new home, but with a little patience (and a lot of snacks) she’ll soon be exploring her new home. Once settled in, this blue-eyed girl is bound to entertain with lots of playful antics and an abundance of purrs. Mildred might just be the one for you!

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