cats for adoption

Name: Perry
Sex: Male
Colour: Tabby
Age: 2 years (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: With his shy nature Perry is best-suited to an indoor-only forever home.

Perry is on the case. This terrific tabby might be streetwise, but he has always been committed to defending feline rights and living his life on the right side of the paw. Now Perry is busy searching for a forever home where he can find reliable mealtimes, agreeable company and a safe soft spot for his cat naps. Perry can be a bit timid around strangers, but once this shy guy has some time to settle in, you will be delighted to discover his affectionate side. A gentle guy, Perry is seeking a relaxed forever home with low levels of activity where he can sniff around and explore at his own pace before taking his stand in the kitchen and presenting all the evidence why dinnertime should be brought forward. Perry’s capacity for love and cuddles has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, so get ready for plenty of purrs!

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