cats for adoption

Name: Simba
Sex: Male
Colour: Ginger and White
Age: 4 years
Breed: DMH
Home: Simba’s ideal forever home will be indoors only to protect his pretty pale features.

Simba is a real sweetheart! This supreme smooch is the king of cuddles and is especially fond of chin and cheek rubs. Simba is quite the chatterbox and is prone to serenade you particularly around meal times, he is bound to charm you with his delightful little trill. He absolutely adores playtime and will need to have lots of toys to help him burn off excess energy, but his amusing antics are sure to keep you entertained. This fluffy guy loves company and gets lonely all too easily, so he wants to share his life with someone who is home 99% of the time. With Simba around you are sure to have a roaring good time!!

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