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Name: Smokey ❤ ADOPTED
Sex: Male
Colour: Blue point
Age: 13 years
Breed: DMH
Home: Once fully settled Smokey may like some supervised outside access during the day but always safely inside at night for cuddles with you.

Sublime Smokey is a noble and dignified feline who is ready to be your loyal companion! This kind-hearted kitty is looking for a calm forever home with low levels of activity where he can enjoy some peace and quiet and catnap away without interruption. With his quietly confident manner and handsome features this mature fellow will steal your heart in no time at all. His fabulous fluffy coat will require regular grooming to keep him looking lovely, but he will happily provide you with many purrs and gentle head bumps in return. Smokey has previously enjoyed sharing his home with other feline friends and could enjoy the company of a kitty with a similar temperament in his new home. A seriously sweet soul with lots of love to share, Smokey is all set to be your fluffy sidekick.

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