cats for adoption

Name:Storm ❤️ ADOPTED
Colour:White and Grey Tabby
Age:1 year (est)
Home:Storm is seeking an indoor-only forever home to protect his pale features from the sun.

The perfect Storm is ready to be your very best fur friend and weather all the trying times with you. With his soulful eyes, utterly boopable nose and gentle nature you’d be hard pressed to find a sweeter kitty. Although he can be shy around new people at heart, Storm is a big softie who can’t resist a tender chin scratch. Once he has settled in, you’ll soon discover Storm’s love of tasty treats, this kitty is especially fond of fishy food and can easily be won over with a yummy morsel. Storm is looking forward to taking leisurely strolls around his forever home and surveying his domain before selecting a comfy spot to stretch out and daydream the day away. No thunderbolt or lightening and never ever frightening, you’ll be struck by love as soon as you meet Storm.

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