cats for adoption

Name: Tammy
Sex: Female
Colour: Tabby
Age: 11.5 years (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Once fully settled Tammy may enjoy some supervised outside access during the day but always inside at night for snuggles.

You’re in for a treat with Tammy! This sweet senior would love to get to know you and although she may take a moment to settle, it won’t be long before she is snuggling up at your side and sharing her affectionate nature with you. Tammy is looking for a tranquil forever home with low levels of activity and no young children where she can enjoy some peace and quiet and uninterrupted catnaps. This lovely lady likes to be the centre of attention and doesn’t want to share her forever home with any other feline friends. Stand by your Tammy and she’ll be there for you when the nights are cold and lonely.

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