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Name: Tiramisu ❤ ADOPTED
Sex: Male
Colour: Tabby and White
Age: 5 months (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Tiramisu is best suited to a mostly indoor forever home to protect his pretty pale nose from the sun.

You're in for a sweet treat with this furry bundle of fun! This friendly feline is bound to steal your heart and tempt you with his delightful nature. Tiramisu is as sweet as his name suggests and sure to make you smile with his playful personality. A confident kitty who has loads of energy to burn Tiramisu is looking forward to zooming around his forever home and entertaining everyone with his fun-loving antics. Once he’s all tuckered out after playtime, you’ll find Tiramisu all set for cuddles and it won’t take too much encouragement for him to curl up in your lap and start contentedly purring away. Tiramisu has layers of love to share, and he is looking forward to meeting you!

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