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Name: Vegemite ❤ ADOPTED
Sex: Female
Colour: Dark Tortoiseshell
Age: 5 months (est)
Breed: DSH
Home: Once fully settled Vegemite may enjoy some supervised outdoor access during the day but always safely inside at night with you for cuddles.

She’s a happy little Vegemite as bright as bright can be! This terrific tortie is a real sweetheart with loads of love to share. Vegemite is excited to spread some cheer and will happily chatter away with her delightful meow to brighten your day. With her playful and curious nature this little cutie can’t wait to explore her new forever home from top to bottom, finding all the best spots for sun baking, the cupboards with the tasty treats and hallways for zoomies. She can be shy in new surroundings and will need some time to settle in her new home but before long she’ll be seeking out your company and curling up close by. You’ll adore your Vegemite, she’ll put a spring in your step and a rose in every cheek!

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