cats for adoption

Name: Zaheer ❤ ADOPTED
Sex: Male
Colour: Grey Tabby and White
Age: 5 months (est)
Breed: DMH
Home: Once fully settled Zaheer may enjoy some supervised outdoor access during the day but always safely inside with you at night.

Zany Zaheer is crazy about cuddles! A super sweet feline, Zaheer is sure to bring a smile to your face with his loving and affectionate nature. This inquisitive feline is a bit of a sticky beak and can’t wait to explore his new home from top to bottom in his search for sunny spots, comfy cushions and tasty treats. This playful boy has a heart of gold, he is sure to be your sunshine and brighten every day – Zaheer and his adorable ear tufts are the perfect cure for the blues. There’s a zillion reasons to love this little guy!

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