corporate volunteering

Corporate Volunteering Program

Thank you for your interest in volunteering.

The cats and staff greatly appreciate the time that volunteers give to help out. It is only with your assistance that we can keep things running smoothly, making the cats’ stay with us as stress free as possible.

We love having volunteers, but it is very important that you understand the way that we work before you start, that way your efforts will be going in the right direction and making a real difference.

As we have a fairly small site we can only take four volunteers per shift. We ask all corporate volunteers to help in our Adoption Centre for half of their shift and help with enrichment craft making for the other half. The shift hours are 10 am till 4 pm with a half hour break for lunch. A lunchroom is provided but Enmore Road does provide lots of opportunities to have lunch offsite if you wish.

Corporate Volunteering with Cat Protection is an incredible opportunity for your staff to bond as a team, and learn more about animal welfare and the work that we do. It’s the purrfect way to show our cats and kittens that you care. We ask your organisation for a tax-deductible donation of $100 per person to help us to continue to care for our cats and to cover the costs of our staff on the day.

We ask that all volunteers provide their name, address and phone number, and that you sign in to our volunteer register showing the time that you arrive and the time that you finish.

We require that volunteers don’t answer phones or give advice to customers at ANY time. Our staff are trained to offer careful, considered advice within specific guidelines laid down by our governing body. Incorrect advice could cause problems for the cats and their owners and for Cat Protection.

The list below is a summary of simple rules that we expect you to observe while on our premises. This is for your safety and ours, and to ensure the smooth running of the cattery.

While working at the Cat Protection, we ask that volunteers:

  • Arrive on time
  • Sign in/out of attendance book
  • Turn up ready to work (long trousers, no dangly earrings and no nail polish, non-intoxicated etc)
  • Advise Cat Protection prior to your shift if you are unable to attend. In the interest of WHS, we ask that you stay home if you are ill
  • Never give advice to customers or answer the telephones
  • Never feed the animals without prior permission from the staff
  • Respect Cat Protection property, staff and the animals in our care
  • Adhere to the requests of the staff
  • Have a current tetanus vaccination.

Our staff will allocate suitable duties to volunteers.

These duties may include:

  • Cleaning/disinfecting of litter trays, bowls, cages, floors
  • Sorting and folding of laundry
  • Assisting the cattery staff with general animal husbandry, including removing waste from litter trays and filling water bowls
  • Assisting with making enrichment craft for the cats in the Adoption Centre
  • Socialisation of cats and kittens

We ask that volunteers in the Adoption Centre perform cleaning duties before socialising with the cats and kittens.

Volunteering is a serious and important occupation, but it is also a very rewarding way to spend your time. Committed, regular volunteers are a wonderful help to us and a great comfort to the cats that pass through here on the way to their new homes.

If you have any questions regarding Corporate Volunteering with Cat Protection please contact our Feline Services Manager, Nerida Atkin on 02 9519 7201 or 02 9557 4818, Monday to Friday, or via