regular giving program

Our Kitty Champions regular giving program is a simple yet effective way to provide ongoing support to all our cats and kittens while they are in our care. By setting up a monthly charitable donation to Cat Protection, you can support our vital work 365 days a year.

Some benefits of regular giving? 

When you become a Kitty Champion, you know that each day, your donation is hard at work helping us to ensure we can continue to provide our cats with all the care, love and attention that they need.

As a Kitty Champion, you will also receive personalised regular updates about what your support is achieving.

Why is regular giving so important? 

Regular giving helps us at Cat Protection to plan ahead and ensure that we can continue to be there for all of the cats and kittens. Our capacity to care for our cats and kittens is entirely dependent on the generosity of caring Kitty Champions like you.

How will my monthly gift help? 

Your regular donation either weekly, fortnightly or monthly will go a long way to ensuring we can continue to help all cats and kittens for a long time to come. Over the course of one year, your donation of:

  • $10 a month Enables us to purchase toys to provide enrichment for six cats
  • $25 a month Pays for microchipping 10 cats
  • $35 a month Funds the F3 vaccination for six cats
  • $50 a month Meets the cost of desexing six cats
  • $100 a month Fully funds or significantly contributes to the cost of major surgery for an ill or injured cat  

How do I become a Kitty Champion Regular Giver? 

Becoming a Kitty Champion is easy. You can sign up and set up your regular payment via Give Now or through our secure gateway using the form here.