Oscar overcomes his fear

We adopted little Oscar almost three years ago.


He was the most timid cat we have ever met.

He seemed to take a shine to us and we fell in love with him instantly.

When we got him home, he found a little hiding spot and stayed there for quite a few weeks. Only coming out when no one was in the room. He wouldn't let us touch him and was absolutely frightened.


All of a sudden we had a break through. Little Oscar got braver and bolder and came out of hiding spot to explore the world. Three years on he is one of the most cheeky and affectionate cats I know. He falls in love with everyone he meets and is always up for a belly rub and some cuddles.


I cannot believe the change in him

And we are so proud of him

And love him more and more every day.


Thank you Cat Protection Society for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a beautiful soul.