Conditions of entry

You must not enter any Cat Protection premises if you:

  • Are over 16 years of age and have not been fully vaccinated with an approved COVID-19 vaccine
  • Are required to self-isolate or quarantine under any NSW Health rules or any other public health orders, including any Commonwealth, state or territory rules or orders
  • Are subject to any applicable COVID-19 restrictions that do not permit you to legally attend our premises
  • Are experiencing any flu-like or COVID-19 symptoms. These include fever, sore/scratchy throat, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, loss of senses of taste or smell, fatigue, muscle/joint pain, diarrhoea, nausea/vomiting or loss of appetite

If none of the above applies to you, entry is conditional on you agreeing that you will:

  • Check in using the QR code and show your proof of vaccination to our staff person on entry
  • Sanitise your hands on entry, and as-needed and/or requested
  • Wear a properly fitted face mask that covers your nose and mouth (let us know if you need one and we can provide it. We request that children as well as adults wear masks)
  • Maintain social/physical distancing – keep 1.5m away from any person who is not a member of your household, and adhere to our guidelines on the maximum number of people permitted in a space at any one time
  • Leave as quickly as possible if you feel unwell
  • Acknowledge the right of Cat Protection to refuse entry or request that you leave any of our premises at any time and for any reason
  • At all times, treat staff, volunteers, visitors and clients with respect
  • Check out using the Service NSW app when you leave.

The conditions of entry for clients and visitors to Cat Protection premises also apply to our staff and volunteers. These conditions are to protect the health and safety of all our clients, staff, volunteers and the community, as well as to ensure we can provide continuity of care to our cats and kittens. We appreciate your cooperation.