renting and strata for cats

More and more people are living in strata title and rental properties, and sadly much of this accommodation is not pet-friendly. However, cats make great tenants and the importance of companion animals to people means restrictions on pet ownership can be harmful to people as well as to the pets relinquished.

Until we see more progressive and pet-friendly rules and regulations, it is up to individuals to convince landlords and strata corporations to accept pets. Cat Protection has written an issues paper on pet-friendly accommodation.

The NSW Young Lawyers Animal Rights Committee has produced A guide for keeping pets in strata schemes – your questions answered which is helpful.

We recommend creating a pet resumé for your cat: a document that includes proof of desexing, microchipping and registration; vaccination records; a reference from the cat’s vet about the cat’s health and behaviour; and references from previous landlords or neighbours.

A formal pet agreement can be made and include commitments about responsibility to make good any damage caused by the cat; parasite treatment; noise; hygiene; confinement etc. To view a sample pet agreement & pet resume guidelines, click here.

If you wish to discuss your situation, we may be able to assist you – phone our office on 02 9519 7201 Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.