support us

As a charity, Cat Protection depends on community support to do our work. Our costs include professional care and advisory staff; veterinary expenses including health checks, desexing and any necessary treatments or surgery; vaccinations; microchips; kitty litter as well as costs to promote our services and welfare work plus building and administration costs.

Our costs are around $3m a year – we receive only one government grant (from NSW Primary Industries) which is $15,500 – so we have to raise our own income from merchandise sales, donations, bequests and adoption fees. We are grateful to our major sponsors, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, who provide Science Diet food for our cats, and Bayer Animal Health Care, who provide our cats’ flea and worm treatments, and Oz-Pet who provide litter for our kittens.

There are many ways you can support us, from donating money or time, becoming a foster carer, making a provision in your Will to leave a bequest, becoming a member or personally advocating responsible cat care. For more information, click on the appropriate link.

Donations to Cat Protection are tax-deductible.

We believe charities should be transparent and accountable. For details of our income and expenditure, you can review our audited annual reports and check our charitable status here and check our deductible gift recipient endorsement here.