settling in your new cat

If you adopt your new cat from Cat Protection, our staff will talk with you about settling in your new cat at the time of adoption, as well as giving you a copy of the guide Your New Cat to take home.

Our kitten kindy is very popular with new adopters; check our coming events page for session information.

We are always available to help answer your questions about your cat or kitten – even if you didn’t adopt from us. You’re welcome to phone us, seven days a week, on 02 9557 4818 (10am to 5pm).

If you have serious concerns about your cat’s health you should call your vet immediately.

Please refer to your health guarantee for more information on common health issues and the circumstances in which we will refer you to a vet and pay the costs.

Don’t delay calling us if you have concerns: behavioural problems could actually be signs of health problems, but in any case, the sooner you deal with unwanted behaviours the sooner (and easier) they’ll be resolved.

Before bringing home your new cat:

  • Make sure screens and windows are secure and your cat won’t be able to escape
  • Block off small spaces so your cat can’t get trapped in them. Cats like to hide in small dark spaces when they’re scared.

When you adopt your cat from Cat Protection, we will send your cat home with a piece of their bedding. Don’t throw this out or wash it in the first few days! This piece of material will be embedded with the cat’s scent and will give the cat comfort as it will feel and smell familiar, reassuring your new cat.

The main points to remember when bringing home a new cat are:

  • Take it slowly: gradually introduce the cat to your home, starting with just one small room. Set it up with a litter tray, a small amount of food, water and a cat bed. Spend some time with your new cat – pat them, play with them, talk to them
  • When they’re confident, relaxed and ready to explore the house, take it slowly and let them gradually explore their new surroundings
  • If you have other pets, make introductions slowly, following the guidelines in Your New Cat.

Always keep your new cat completely indoors for at least one month. We recommend all cats are kept indoors always from dusk until dawn, and when outside, confined to your own property either by cat-proof fencing and enclosures or close supervision. This will keep your cat – and wildlife – safe and happy, and ensures you are a good neighbour.

Have patience and give love – all lasting relationships take time to form, and the more you invest in the early days, the happier your future together.