become a major donor

Acclaimed Sydney artist Michael Snape collaborated with Cat Protection to create a unique fundraising sculpture.

The Dream is a sculptural work comprising a colony of more than 100 stainless steel cat silhouettes in a variety of poses – sleeping, stretching, pouncing, dreaming – waiting to be taken to a new home. As each steel cat is ‘adopted’ and removed from the sculpture, their shadow cat is revealed and the artwork takes on a new form.

To become a major donor and adopt your own stainless steel cat the adoption donation is $5,000 ($4,780 of which is tax deductible). This will provide Cat Protection with the funds needed to provide shelter, desexing, veterinary treatment and loving care for real cats and kittens until they realise their dream of a loving and responsible home.

If you do this, you may also wish to have your name and a dedication recorded in one of the frames near the sculpture which is a feature of the stairs leading up to the main adoption room in our shelter.

For The Dream we are unable to process on-line donations; please contact us directly on 02 9519 7201.